June/ 2021

Lots happening in the lab - A very warm welcome to Max Jordan and Hannah McDonald. Max joins us as a PhD student and Hannah will be with us for the next 3 months as a visiting PhD student.

We also just uploaded Matt's work to bioRxiv, describing a novel component of the Streptomyces cell division machinery that is crucial for fitness and sporulation. Read more about Matt's work HERE.

17/ 03/ 2021

Congratulations to Felix (now working at the NIH), Matt and Joe on their paper about "A conserved cell division protein directly regulates FtsZ dynamics in filamentous and unicellular actinobacteria" now published in eLife!!! We celebrated with pizza for lunch.


04/ 01/ 2021

We welcome Max Jordan to the lab. Max is going to do a 10-week rotation project in our lab.

02/ 10/ 2020

We released our first preprint!!! This work was spearheaded by Felix, Matt and Joe. You can check it out here:

01/ 04/ 2020

Now officially adopted to the Schlimpert lab: Felix Ramos-Leon. Welcome Felix!

27/ 03/ 2020

Our first BBSRC responsive mode grant application was successful!!! We will be studying cell division in Streptomyces.

04/ 10/ 2019

We welcome Kathy Stratton! First week in the lab and Kathy is already working hard at the bench making competent cells and harvesting Streptomyces spores!










29/ 08/ 2019

Sending off Jan Falguera who has been visiting the lab this summer. Thanks a lot Jan for all your hard work, the countless growth curve experiments and the brilliant new lab logo!




25/ 07/ 2019

There is a special feature highlighting some of the research in our Department in the summer issue of John Innes 'Advances' magazine. Read more here:

01/ 07/ 2019

We welcome Jan Falguera from Justin Nodwell's lab. Jan will be staying with us for two months to learn how to do live-cell imaging of Streptomyces cell division. 

05/ 06/ 2019

We welcome Martyna Gongerowska from Dagmara Jakimowicz's lab for a short visit to our lab and the lab of Matt Hutchings at UEA.

18/ 04/ 2019 

We won a small seed grant to kick-start a new project in the lab. We have a 6-months Postdoc position available starting this summer. For more information on the position and how to apply, please visit:

08/ 04/ 2019

Susan is will be presenting our recent data on a novel cell division protein in Streptomyces at the "Cell Biology of Prokaryotes" meeting in Germany.

02/ 01/ 2019                  

The Schlimpert Lab officially opens! 


11/ 11/ 2018                  

Susan is travelling to Germany to speak at the VAAM - 3rd Discussion Meeting "Microbial Cell Biology"

01/ 10/ 2018                  

Susan has won her first grant (Research Fellow Enhancement Award from the Royal Society). We have a PhD position available starting early 2019. More information can be found here. Please feel free to email Susan for discuss informal inquiries about the position.

24/ 09/ 2018                  

Susan has been awarded the University Research Fellowship from The Royal Society. Our Streptomyces lab will officially open in Jan 2019. We are looking for potential PhD students and postdocs to join the lab. If your research interests align with us, please feel free to email Susan to discuss potential employment.